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Scenery Unlimited coach

Scenery Unlimited combine

Imagine seeing these luxury cars rolling down your S scale tracks, pulling into the station as part of a train, or sitting up front on your railroad for all to view? Cars like these—from Pullman, Wagner Palace Car Company or Jackson & Sharp—are sure to be the stars on your railroad.

Cars of this design were common on numerous railroads from the 1880s to the 1930s, and later were used on secondary trains, in commuter service until the 1950s, work trains and as storage sheds alongside the tracks.

  • Fine details molded into body
  • Quality resin parts make kit easy to assemble
  • Will look great on any era layout
  • Add Scenery Unlimited 4-wheel woodbeam metal trucks, $8.95 less wheelsets; $23.95 with scale or hi-rail wheelsets; or American Models 4-wheel heavyweight trucks (specify scale or hi-rail) $10.00/pair

These turn-of-the-century 60-ft.-long clerestory roof passenger car kits will be the hit of your layout. The wooden, open vestibule, truss rod cars include a magnificent coach and an accompanying combine. The kits consist of resin sides, ends, one-piece roof with simulated tarpaper covering and floor/frame.

Additional details in the kit include one-piece plastic end railings, resin steps, truss rod stanchions, brakewheels and two curved roof end pieces. The modeler must add truss rod wires, turnbuckles, underbody detail, end handrails, (stove) smokestacks and vents, acetate for the windows, and trucks and couplers.

Price: $59.95 each

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Resin passenger car roofs

Passenger car roof

Pre-formed resin clerestory passenger car roof with all details molded in such as tarpaper roof coating and clerestory details. When you're building a passenger car from the heavyweight era, use these roofs to "top off" your S scale model. Inside of roof section is hollowed out for placement of car lighting. These pieces make easy work of the roof portion of your car. Pre-colored in dark green.

Length: 11 5/8" (62-ft. S scale car)
Width: 2"

Price: $17.95

Passenger car floor

Resin passenger car underframes

Pre-formed resin heavyweight passenger car underframes take the heavy work out of constructing this portion of a car. End sills, car truck bolsters, center sill and starter holes for attaching trucks, attaching truss rod wires, end railings, brakewheel and scale coupler pockets are features of this underframe. Pre-colored in black.

Length: 11 5/8" (62-ft. S scale car)
Width: 1 3/4"

Price: $17.95

Scenery Unlimited passenger car side

Resin passenger car sides

Pre-formed resin heavyweight passenger car sides take the heavy work out of constructing this portion of a car.

Price: $22.95


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Passenger car close-up
Observation car close-up