Arsenault S scale layout



S scale barrels and steel drums

S scale barrelSteel drum


S scale barrels and pilings from Frenchman River Model WorksFrenchman Model Works barrels xsea wall pilingsspacer

Scenery Unlimited has wood barrels and steel drums. No need to paint either as both come in the correct color urethane. Great as S details around your yards, engine facilities, industries, or as loads. Remember, detailing makes the difference!

Barrels - 8 for $3.75

Drums - 8 for $3.75



One piece, wood-colored, resin castings - no assembly required. Just paint them! Wood grain and super details cast in place. These barrels add realistic detail to any scene; dockside, warehouse loading dock, freight depot, or in the back of your favorite scale truck. Also look great out in front of your favorite hardware store or livery stable.

Barrels - 6 for $6.50

Sea Wall Pilings - 4 for $3.50

S scale resin tool bench

S Scale bench

This neat resin tool bench with side drawers (do not open) just needs to be painted your choice of colors to bring out the tools and highlights of the old "wood" bench. Use your imagination and place other tools, old cans, etc. on top of these for an even more realistic effect. Bench measures 9/16" wide x 3 5/8" long. One side of bench has a back rim.

Resin Tool Bench - $6.50


S scale pile of scraps

S scale pile of junk

These beautiful white metal pieces can be scattered over rail yards, factory back lots, machine shops, garages, city dumps, oil refineries, warehouses - anywhere that might accumulate extra "stuff" that's not needed right now, but may be soon!

Large and small pieces of every description and use. Be creative!

Pile of junk - $12.95